Do you rebuild T-84 transmissions? How much does it cost?

The cost of rebuilding a T-84 transmission varies depending on the condition of your core. Normal rebuild of a T84 transmission involves replacing the following parts:
The countershaft, small parts kit, synchronizer and/or it’s blocking rings depending on their condition, reverse idler shaft, gasket set, rear bearing, and front bearing. The counter gear often has to have new bushings put in it at the machine shop. Disassembly and cleaning takes about 3 hours labor as does reassembling.

If case or gears are found to be damaged, price can quickly escalate. We have received some cases in which the front bearing no longer fit, in this case the machine shop has to bore out the case and install a ring and bore it to the correct size of the bearing. All these procedures are rather costly.

When calling or emailing us for a price estimate, please answer these questions – Do you know what condition your transmission is in now? Is it running? Has it been sitting for years? If it has been sitting for many years, remove the top cover and rotate the gears. As you know, oil floats on top of water. We have received transmissions in the past where the gear teeth were rusted almost off in the bottom where the case had water in it for 20 years or more.