Why don’t you sell a “jeep in a crate”?

The original jeeps in crates were complete running vehicles that were then partially disassembled (to reduce the size) and crated. If that is your goal, I would just buy our master kit, assemble the jeep and then build a crate in a similar manner as was originally done. The reason is MD Juan’s jeep in a crate is made with a solid wood crate that imitates the original crates used during WWII. You are paying quite a bit for this crate. In addition, any solid wood products imported into the USA must be fumigated for possible insect infestation. Last I heard it cost about $600 for the fumigation service. Our master kit comes with most of the parts needed to build the jeep and is shipped in a crate that is a combination steel frame work and plywood and therefore does not need to be fumigated. If you want to build the vehicle into a running jeep, what you want to order is our master kit, rather than a jeep in a crate. So, if your plan is to remove the body from this crate and build it into a jeep, the extra expense for the wood crate is basically wasted. The only reason you would want to order a jeep in a crate is If your goal is to display a jeep body alone in a crate (no engine, axles, etc.). If your goal is to reproduce a jeep in the crate as originally shipped, you would have to build it with the engine, axles, wheels and tires, etc. Note that the MD Juan jeep in a crate does not come with any of the running gear (engine, axles, steering or running gear). It is basically one of our master kits assembled and crated. To date we haven’t had any customers who, after hearing this explanation, really want the jeep in a crate.