What is the MB-2A kit?

The MB-2A kit is designed for the customer who wishes to have the MB/GPW WWII jeep-look but can not find an original MB or GPW to restore. Many customers find CJ2A and CJ3A jeeps to be cheaper and request a WWII looking body to fit. We thus developed the MB-2A body kit. It is basically an MB kit, including all the WWII features – i.e. low windshield frame, tool boxes, shovel and axe location, no tailgate and small head lights. The major difference is that the front floor is modified to accept the T-90 transmission. All accessories – seat frames, gas tank, headlight buckets, must be MB type to fit.

Some modifications must be done to the CJ2A frame before mounting this kit. Since the MB gas tank hangs down over the frame, the two out board frame to body mounts under the gas tank need to be removed. They can be relocated to the inside of the frame.

Rear shock brackets on CJs lean front, on MB they are straight up and down. The body will have the pockets in rear floor so you can relocate the brackets. You will also need to switch the left and right hand leaf spring shock mount plates to position the shock to rear of axle. If you do not wish to do this, the bracket can be left in CJ2A position and it will clear the MB-2A body tub.

The 12 volt CJ3As have a larger battery tray. This interferes with the MB inner fender, requiring modification or use of CJ3A or M38 front fenders. In addition, CJ3As do not have front bumper gussets. If you wish, they can be added with some cutting and welding, although this is not required.

This kit is ideal for a parade or living history group restoration as the CJ2A and 3A jeeps are easier to find and are usually less expensive to buy. Also the T-90 transmission is better than the WWII T-84 transmission.