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Body kit made to look like MB but fit on CJ2A/3A chassis.
See our FAQ for question about our MB-2A kit.

Don’t buy on price alone! Our kit is the most complete kit available. It includes the MB body tub modified to fit over the T-90 transmission, top bows, grill, front fenders, hood, complete inner and outer w/s with adjusting arms and knobs (but no glass). PLUS windshield frame to dash latch and hook, footman loops for rear panel and shovel/axe area, shovel blade bracket, body side handles, body rear corner handles, doorway safety strap anchor brackets with bolts, rubber windshield gaskets – both T rubber and cowl gasket, axe loop and axe head bracket, top bow rear brackets, top bow front brackets, wood hood blocks and rings to mount transmission and transfer case boots.


Please watch our “Replacement Jeep Body Kits and Frames” YouTube video for more information:


Included on the body tub are the tool box lids, glove box door, master cylinder cover plate, transmission cover plate, steering column clamp, gas tank strap anchors, rear shock absorber covers, rear seat hinge, support and latch spring, mounting bolts for rear seat “J” hooks, and rear taillight supports. The bolt and floor tabs for hand crank are welded in and the axle blade sheath and all major holes in dash are installed. Caged nuts are welded in place where applicable.

These body tubs are now made of galvanealed steel and come painted with self-etching primer.

Our customers also get the benefit of Daryl’s expertise at installing these kits.

1 review for BODY KIT MB/2A

  1. John Irving

    I bought this body kit for my 1946 CJ2A for a very reasonable price, my original body was completely rotted out. When I took receipt of the kit it was very neatly packed in a crate and it unpacked very easily. Now, I should note I had ‘0’ experience with automotive projects and no experience with Willys but I was able to paint and mount this kit without any troubles in a fairly short amount of time. The body of this kit requires some very minor modifications to the 2A frame which were explained in detail by Daryl which was incredibly helpful. I was impressed by the quality of this kit and how easily it mounts onto the 2A frame, overall a great experience!

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