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GPW body master kit without the frame. Picture shows frame but please note that the frame is not included in this kit.

In addition to everything that comes with our standard body kit [the body tub, top bows, front fenders, hood, complete inner and outer w/s with adjusting arms and knobs (but no glass), windshield frame to dash latch and hook, footman loops for rear panel and shovel/axe area, shovel blade bracket, body side handles, body rear corner handles, doorway safety strap anchor brackets with bolts, rubber windshield gaskets – both T rubber and cowl gasket, axe loop and axe head bracket, top bow rear brackets, top bow front brackets, wood hood blocks and rings to mount transmission and transfer case boots], the master kit includes the gas tank, front and rear seat frames, rear seat foot rests, rear seat J hooks, rifle bracket, shovel and axe brackets, spare tire carrier, 5 gallon gas can carrier, jerry can strap guide, black out drive light housing and guard (no bulb), headlight housings, hinges and buckets (no bulbs), headlight to fender bolts, lube chart holder, transmission, transfer case and steering column boot rings, boots for transmission, transfer and gas pedal, trailer receptacle guard, left and right hand tail light housings (no bulbs), reflector housings (4), top bow thumbscrews, fire ext. bracket, grease gun bracket, crash pad plates (no canvas), oil can bracket, air cleaner mount brackets, wood hood blocks (no canvas), horn bracket, gas tank straps and mirror and arm. Our master kit now also includes 5 combat rims.

The body comes painted an OD green color and includes a quart of touch up paint. The customer may want to do a final spray in US supplied OD paint color.

Buyer pays shipping from Narvon PA, or may pick up here. Please call or email for shipping quote.


  1. top_gun-1 (verified owner)

    VERY complete kit. MD Jaun apparently modifies the parts list, but expect to get a ton of pieces you’ll need.

    Paint is not amazing, it’s a bit brownish compared to the standard 330700 paint that I had been using. Also seems week, places were missed even though they were exposed.

    Metal itself seemed good, missing a ton of bolts but at least they are easy to source! I would suggest getting this kit first before buying other pieces as you may end up with a number of doubles (I did). But the extras were neat!

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