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This is a late war GPW. Vehicle hasn’t been run for over 10 years. Body is rusted. Has one rear axle shaft broken. This jeep came from Omsted AFB in Harrisburg, PA which closed in 1969. It was modified in Philadelphia with Flight Line Maintenance Generator Set. In over 30 years of jeep collecting, I’ve never seen another jeep with this equipment. GPW still shows yellow paint inside and a radio mike on the shop-made aluminum half cab. The cable reel to aircraft is missing as are some other parts of the kit.
This is a great project for someone who wants an air field jeep.


Added 2/1/19:

After receiving a number of inquiries on this jeep we are answering some questions raised and adding more photos here and in Facebook album.

F-marked parts include the grill, fuel filter, both seat frames, and the engine head. The engine block has a tag reading as follows: Willys Overland Motors Inc. 82 horsepower, 1800 RPM, type e.g.s. Serial number on block appears to be .563960. The engine does turn over with a wrench.

The front fenders, headlight buckets, and water pump do not have a visible F. I removed the oil filter and bracket to get good photos of the head and serial number. They will be included in the sale. As noted, the original body is very rusty.  The oil filter lines were so brittle they broke so I have removed the fuel pump and plugged the oil fitting. I then installed a Joe’s Motor Pool reproduction fuel pump. I am planning to try to start the engine when I have time.


When I was talking about buying this jeep 35 years ago, Lida told me if I bought one more jeep, she would divorce me. I think it is time to sell it so she doesn’t divorce me! (Even though she stayed these 35 years, I don’t want to take any chances…)

There are more pictures of this jeep on our Facebook page. Copy and paste this link to see the album:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/DarylBens/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1175895105782477

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