Restoration Policy

The nature of restoration work makes it difficult or impossible to give an accurate estimate. For example, engines that run and transmissions that shift often contain cracked blocks and broken gears.
Work, including parts procurement and individual vehicle research, will be done at the prevailing shop rate per the customers instructions. We will gladly work closely with the customer to keep them informed of such discoveries as they occur.

We understand our customers budgets and frequent progress reports are the best way to avoid surprise overruns.

Provision of Parts
Vehicle owners may purchase and provide parts for their vehicles from other sources if they can do so promptly to avoid delay in the restoration process.

Vehicle restorations are priced by charging the prevailing hourly shop rate plus parts and material, billed monthly. Failure to pay bills promptly will result in work stoppage on the restoration.

6% Pennsylvania sales tax will be charged for all shop work.

We expect payment in full for parts and vehicles we work on. On a long term restoration, payment must be received ten days from receipt of your monthly bill or work on vehicle will stop. Such vehicles will be moved to outside storage and customer will be billed at current rates for storage. We do not finance vehicles or restorations. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please see your bank for finance terms.

While in our shop, we are not liable for theft or any damage that occurs to the vehicle due to conditions beyond our control.
There is no warranty expressed or implied on rebuilt parts, engines, etc. due to the antique nature of these vehicles. Your vehicle is still an antique and does not meet many of todays standards for speed, braking and durabilty.

Finders Fee
We will be glad to assist either a buyer looking for a particular vehicle or a seller wishing to sell his vehicle. The customary finders fee of 10% of the sales price will be charged, plus expenses such as phone calls, photographs, inspections, etc.

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